Who’s that girl? – New Dr Who companion revealed as Amy exits

Doctor Who's new assistant makes her debut in the 2012 Christmas special

It’s official, twenty five year old Jenna Louise Coleman will take over as the doctors new companion this year after Amy and Rory exit the series in dramatic fashion following their final encounter with the weeping angels in episode five of the new series airing later this year on BBC One and BBC HD.

The former Emmerdale beauty will make her first appearance in this years Christmas special, in the episode after Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville) leave.

Not much is known about who she plays, current speculation suggests she may play an alien companion but if that is true it would have to be a very human looking alien if only because, were she clearly alien in appearance, it would be difficult for her to blend in on visits to earth so will she be an alien?

Earlier this year Steven Moffat said of the new companion “he’s about to say hello to someone very different – the Doctor is going to meet someone very new in the very last place he could ever have expected”.

This suggests that unlike previous more human companions the next will either be alien herself or at the very least found on an alien planet (“very new” suggests either someone very different to previous human companions or new as in young and perhaps unused to earth and its people) after all it would certainly be the last place you expect to find a human. Of course the last place you’d expect to find a new companion could actually be the Tardis itself!

With just six episodes being shown this year Amy makes her exit in the penultimate, fifth, episode  in what has been described as a “final encounter” with the weeping angels (better known as “the stone angels”). Moffat has already stated that the two current companions, Amy and Rory Williams, will be “gone forever” and that their final episode is an emotional one in which not everyone gets out alive so it’s safe to  assume that Amy will be killed. Or is it?

Amy meets her end during an encounter with her old enemies the weeping angels

The weeping angels live off of their victims energy by sending them into the past, although they do also kill outright their usual modus operandi is to feed off a person rather than kill them outright. If Amy or Rory are simply fed upon in this way the doctor could simply go back in time and rescue them so that’s not an option. But in a previous episode a weeping angel began to take over Amy, if this process (which was temporarily halted) was restarted after an encounter with another angel then it’s possible that in fact Amy could herself become an angel and kill Rory providing a dramatic exit for both in such a way that neither could return.

Is that likely? Well yes and no. Yes it’s the sort of thing that would make a great story and leave many fans emotional, but it would tar Amy’s character to have her lose her humanity and kill Rory so it’s more likely that if she does become an angel husband Rory dies trying to save her and with his last breath sees her transformed. A truly final, and shocking, ending that would fit all the teased descriptions given by the cast to date.

It's all change in Doctor Who 2012

What we know for certain is that the new companion is a fast talker and is found in the last place you’d expect, that she makes her appearance in Decembers Christmas special, that Amy will not be returning (ever, although while it’s been stated she will not return even in a cameo it hasn’t been stated that Rory’s exit is also as final which could mean he lives although it’s unlikely) and that however they exit Amy and Rory leave the show in the same episode where the villains are the weeping angels.

Let the speculation begin.

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